About This Blog

"A joyous profanity laden rant. 
Inappropriate for all ages!
-- Jason Zavoda

"Always entertaining. Always interesting"
 -- Mark Van Vlack

I started writing this blog so my wife could stop rolling her eyes whenever I dropped Dungeons & Dragons into the conversation. In the two years since I began the blog I've long since abandoned the notion that I'm only going to write about a single game and have begun to branch out in every direction. Now you'll find me writing short fiction, partnering with other bloggers for larger projects, running the yearly Great Blog Roll Call, and in general writing about anything that I find entertaining.

If you would like to contact me just drop me a line at krutch33@gmail.com or on Twitter @Thatakinsboy.
"I read your blog because 
I get to live a life that I never did
-- Nick Salai

"Charles writes my favorite 'little' blog
-- Dan Head

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